130mm Glass Pre-Roll Tube w/ Cork Top - 400 Count

İndirimli fiyat$218.00

Price Per Unit  $0.54
 Glass Tube Vial
 5.1" inches tube / 5.4" inches total - Fits 109mm Cones & Up to 120mm Wraps
Cap Style
 Cork Stopper Top - Air Tight Cap
 400 units
Neck Opening  0.67" inches / 17mm

These highly popular premiere glass tubes are specifically designed for packaging pre-rolls, larger blunt wraps and storage of small products or edibles.  This clear borosilicate glass tube offer a premium form of packaging to brand any of your pre-roll products. The beautiful large cork stopper seals in the freshness of your pre-packaged product while creating a high end luxury or natural presentation for display or resell.  The neck opening and length of tube accommodates all brands of king sized cones and oversized wraps.  This premium quality cork top glass tube is a favorite among pre-packagers, white labeling, growers, and retail stores.