High Quality Custom Logo Printing Pressure Sensitive Liner "Sealed For Your Protection" PS foam cap liner

Product Description
polystyrene white foam coated (PS-22) liner insert with a pressure sensitive coating. This liner has a "Sealed for Your
Protection" label in black print. Pressure sensitive liners create an actual seal, providing an extra level of protection compared to a basic foam liner. They are best for dry products and can at times, work with thick liquids such as creams and sauces.
Generally, these liners are not recommended for liquids and oils. Material is a styrene foam innerseal coated with a torque
activated coating. It has adhesion to glass and plastic bottles with metal or plastic caps.

Key benefits * Polystyrene foam liner coated with torque-activated adhesive
* Requires no heat induction equipment
* Seals to most container materials with varying degrees of adhesion
* Single-use foam seal peels easily from container
* Indicates tamper evidence
* Recommended for sealing dry products
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