Hot selling 4 oz and 8oz Clear PET Aviator Container with White or black CRC Cap & Seal white pp 33400 child resistant cap

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This collection has a wide range of sizes and colors for any packaging needs. Featuring all-in-one Smart Cap that can perform various tasks with a motion turn action. The Smart Cap also automatically creates a gap less surface-to-surface seal with the cap and the bottleneck, preventing odor leak from occurring. The smooth tamper-evident band remains latched onto the neck without slipping off. Experience an easy-tamper break with the peace of mind that the contents are untouched. Heavy-duty PET containers
One motion assembly, all-in-one Smart Cap CR compliant child-resistant cap Smooth Hover GLIDE rotational suspension One motion
assembly, all-in-one Smart Cap 360 Micro-Grip diamond surface Lock-on tamper-evident break-off band Cap & inner seal included