18oz Wood Lid Suction Glass Jars - 28 Grams - 40 Count

할인 가격$152.00

Price Per Unit $3.80
Material Glass, Bamboo /w Silicone Lid
Size 18oz
Dimensions H: 4.6"in x D: 3.35"in (Cap D: 3.45"in)
Cap Style Suction Silicone Lid
Capacity 28 Grams (1 ounce flower)
Quantity  40 Jars
Use With
Display, Storage, Food, Craft, Samples, Resale

Our wooden lid suction jar is constructed of crystal clear smooth glass and a high quality bamboo lid with a silicone ring seal to keep air out for maximum freshness.  These are for businesses looking for a natural, rustic, or high end look to package their products for dispensing, display, or resale.  The 18 ounce glass jar is the industry leading choice for 1oz of flower, edibles, food products, and crafts.